TEFAF Maastricht: for all art lovers

TEFAF is considered the world's leading visual arts, antiques and design organization. TEFAF organizes three international fairs a year: twice a year in New York and of course once a year in Maastricht, where the MECC is the setting. TEFAF gives international art dealers the opportunity to exhibit works of art of all eras and genres to the broad base of collectors and connoisseurs. With more than 275 prestigious dealers from 20 countries, the TEFAF in Maastricht is a wonderful showcase for the first-class artworks that are currently on the market.

Maastricht is buzzing all year round, but if TEFAF comes to Maastricht every year, there will be even more atmosphere in the city. A visit to the TEFAF is also ideal to combine with a drink, lunch or dinner for your partners, guests or colleagues at Huiskamer De Groote Society. The authentic and inspiring rooms are perfect for fully immersing the company in the art and culture of Maastricht.