Frits drinks at De Groote Society

Hello Maastricht!

If you are a connoisseur who wants something different on Friday evening than the standard vrijmibo in the pub on the corner, then I have something nice for you. I am Frits and travel around from location to location and from city to city. I like variety, fun and challenge. With that I provide a new experience on your Friday evening. Enjoy the start of the weekend with friends and colleagues, while enjoying music, food, drinks and a bit of craziness. All this in unique locations together with all my friends. I'm your Friday drink.

On Friday 1 November, Frits traveled to Huiskamer De Groote Society in Maastricht. He provided nice music, delicious drinks, amazing snacks and above all a lot of craziness. We were happy to celebrate this introduction and will be inviting Frits Friday again in the future! Because it was a great night! Are you there too?

Love, Frits😘