Carnival at Huiskamer De Groote Society

The carnival started again in Maastricht on Friday 21 February 2020. To celebrate this kick-off, of course you go to the Vrijthof. We started with De Groote, Cozy Carnival Drinks where we danced both inside and outside, together with our neighbors De Perroen, to the tunes of all-round music! On Saturday the party went on as usual!

And then, on Sunday 23 February, the time had come, because then Vastelaovend really started. After the Mooswief was lifted and the Momus cannon went off eleven times, we received the nicest carnivalists to celebrate Vastelaovend together! We continued until Tuesday. In the meantime Jerome Gelissen and Bieske came by and Huiskamer De Groote Society was one of the most pleasant places in Maastricht.

On Monday and Tuesday we introduced Kindervastelaovend, so that children could dance, jump and celebrate Vastelaovend together at Huiskamer de Groote Society and the Perroen aan het Vrijthof between 2 pm and 7 pm. The children's party is a carnival tradition for all children from the Maastricht region to enjoy a genuine and fantastic carnival party together.

The 'Vastelaovend in Mestreech' lives, and we enjoy it to the fullest!

Will you be there (again) next year to make it fantastic days?