Living room De Groote Society is working with Quadakkers catering and Maison Van Den Boer. They are always ready for the tasteful culinary interpretation of your event. Together with De Groote Society, you discuss the wishes of the event, after which the culinary implementation is taken care of by the caterers.

Quadakkers Catering

Quadakkers catering is a company where the experience and love for well-prepared and delicious food is made visible in all facets. Quadakkers develops and produces all dishes and buffets in its own kitchen. This guarantees the quality and style until the dishes are served to your guests on the plate.

Quadakkers is a strong example of a real family business. This is reflected in all recipes, many of which have been tried and awarded for three generations. In addition, you can still benefit from the unique combination of fresh market and caterer to this day.

Maison Van Den Boer

In the world of Maison you will be surrounded by historic class and innovative trendsetters. Her roots lie behind the stove. The place where everything revolves around the taste of good food. The 'equipe de cuisine' consists of about 100 professionals who prepare the most special dishes every day.

Maison wants to make the world happier, but also more sustainable. As a family business, she is committed to the long term. In this way she is always looking for solutions to prevent food waste. Maison Van Den Boer also works on sustainable relationships with customers, suppliers and its own people.


At Huiskamer De Groote Society, everyone makes every effort to offer a perfect dish and a unique experience. Everyone loves good food, where the dishes with a rich taste are central. All dishes are fresh, traditionally prepared and of high quality. You can enjoy every dish while enjoying a delicious matching wine arrangement. We are happy to let you enjoy rich flavors and the latest culinary trends.

Living room De Groote Society offers a wide range of options for diners thanks to its long-term collaboration with its caterers. From a trendy walking dinner, a shared dinner, a buffet to a luxuriously served dinner. Every type of dinner has its own charms, but culinary delights are guaranteed in all times. The stylish rooms with perfectly laid tables, sparkling glassware and refined decoration provide the authentic and special appearance. We are also happy to surprise you with culinary alternatives for diets, allergies or other restrictions.